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Covid-19 Contingency Plan and update

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) contingency planning

As you will be aware, the situation regarding the COVID-19 and subsequent government plans are rapidly changing. We continue to follow the advice from Public Health England regarding our response. Currently, the guidance is clear that schools should remain open as usual, but that we should take extra precautions such as encouraging regular and thorough hand-washing throughout the day, etc.


We are following guidance that washing hands is the preferred option to limit the spread of infection. Children in school are regularly washing their hands. We also have small amounts of alcohol-based hand gels in school that children are able to use under supervision.


School Closure

In the event of school closure, you will be informed via text message and email and this information will be also be available on the website. We have remote access to these platforms so will be able to email and text with updates but please always check the school website which will provide the most up to date information.


It is important, if the school closes, that children are given opportunities to work at home. A learning pack, books, online learning links and other resources will be sent home with your child on or before the day of closure but if the school needs to close suddenly, these packs will be emailed to parents. If we have to close for an extended period of time, further plans will be made to ensure children’s learning can continue as much as possible.


Staff Absence

It is possible that for a period of time, the school will be open but a higher than normal number of staff may be absent.  Whilst the government are “relaxing” the law regarding maximum class size, if high staff absence does become the case, we will do everything we can to remain open, but on the grounds of health and safety we may have to take the decision to close.  However, this would be a last resort.


Postponement of planned events

In line with guidance, we have decided not to postpone any planned events or trips but this may change while we risk assess each event on a case by case basis.  We will keep you up to date with decisions that are made.  When making decisions our priority will always be the safety and welfare of our pupils, staff and parents.


Current advice on self-isolation

There are updated guidelines regarding staying at home and self-isolating.  Please use link for the most up to date information and advice:


We appreciate your patience, but as you will be aware this is a very fast-changing situation and we are doing what we can to be prepared for any decisions that are made. We will keep you updated as soon as we know any further information.


We ask for your continued support and cooperation as we take decisions in the best interests of our children and to safeguard and protect the health and welfare of our school community.

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