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Design and Technology


Our Intent for Design and Technology

The Purpose; getting ready for the future: Pupils will develop their creativity, imagination and practical skills to design and make products that solve real problems in a range of contexts, considering the needs and wants of the end user. Pupils will be able to evaluate past and present design work and designers to develop an understanding of how they impact daily life and influence the wider world.
Developing Independence; a love of learning, meaningful relationships with subject and others: Pupils will develop and build on their practical skills and technical understanding during their time at St John’s. In EYFS, pupils begin to prepare food and use equipment safely while understanding and discussing the need for hygiene when cooking. Cross-curricular links are often made with Mathematics, Science, History, Computing, Music and Art.
Impact; Challenge and Mastery: Pupils will develop creative, technical and practical expertise in cookery, sewing, woodwork, mechanisms and electrical circuits. Pupils will be able to use and apply principles of nutrition while learning how to cook. Pupils will understand that learning about designers improves their understanding of how design techniques have developed over time and shape the world in which we live. Design and Technology teaching will develop understanding of how creativity, technology and practical skills can be combined to design products that meet specific criteria and ultimately provide a viable solution to the design brief.
Promote enquiring minds and metacognition: Knowledge Organisers are sometimes used to provide information about designers, provide annotated diagrams, set out key facts and vocabulary. Pupils are taught to critique existing designs, test their ideas and fully evaluate their work against the design brief. Pupils will use and develop their technical knowledge to explore and use mechanisms in their designs. Units are driven by a clear outcome for the unit and make it explicit which knowledge, understanding and skills the pupils will need to be successful. Skills are revisited during a pupil’s
school year and this aims to deepen, reinforce and develop the pupils’ skills.
A context for learning: Pupils are exposed to a variety of practical design challenges during their time at St John’s. Every year group utilises the cookery area during the year. In EYFS, pupils learn how to join materials together and use  tools safely. They also design and make junk models, use malleable materials to make models and make junk model habitats reflecting on the success of the model. In KS1 and KS2 children are often encouraged to create design projects linked to the curriculum subjects. Giving them purpose and real life experiences.

Journey Through Our DT Curriculum

Year 6 Designing and constructing bridges

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St John's CE Primary School is a member of the Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust.