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Enrichment Clubs

Enrichment Clubs at St John's 

It is our aim that every child will be in receipt of a free 6 week club experience by the end of the academic year. We achieved this during 2021-2022 and intend to build on this success during the new academic year. 


Please be reassured that our children are also in receipt of additional sports coaching as part of their lunchtime sessions.


Any ideas or requests for enrichment opportunities are always welcome. Please feel free to email any suggestion into school via the admin address.  Thank you. 



  • Every day      Breakfast Club and After School Club   Paid for Club                School/Trust Staff 
  • Every Day     Butterfly Club (by invitation)                   School Funded Club     ELSA Team 
  • Tuesday        Basketball Club (Yr 5&6)                       School Funded Club     Reading Rockets
  • Tuesday        Multi - Sports Club (Rotational)             School funded Club      USPORTS 
  • Tuesday        Fencing Club (Upper school)                 Paid for Club                Little Muskateers
  • Wednesday   Dance Club  (Yr2)                                 School Funded Club     Kick Start Sports 
  • Wednesday   Drama Club   (Yr 4 group)                     School Run Club           Blue Coat School 
  • Wednesday   Myths & Legends Club (Yr 4 group)      School Run Club           Blue Coat School 
  • Thursday       Choir  (by invitation)                              School Funded Club     Mrs Tucker 
  • Thursday       Multi Sports Club (Yr 2)                         School Funded Club     USPORTS
  • Friday            Football Club (KS2)                               Paid for club                 Reading Football Club


School has previously offered additional outside sporting agency clubs and our staff team offers a number of enrichment opportunities for the children outside of the classroom and the school day.


The clubs we have previously had on offer tend to vary from term to term and over the past years have included: Badminton; Karate; Survival Skills; Mindfulness; Chess; Weaving; Art; Story-Boxing; Story telling; Construction; Film Critique; Football; Cricket; and Tennis.


Many of our staff have expertise in a range of  areas and are committed to bringing a wide range of opportunities to our children.


Some children have  suggested some of the clubs themselves and we do endeavour to accommodate requests such as these wherever possible.


In addition to clubs run by our own staff we have a number of coaches that come in to run sessions in association with their own companies. In the last year these have been run by USports, Reading Rockets, Nick Adley Tennis, Reading Football Club and Shotokan Karate as well as Natural Wildness who have run Survival Clubs in addition to supporting the provision of Forest School- style sessions in school during the day.


We have also hosted a number of peripatetic teachers including one for piano, recorders, futsal and also gymnastics who have been working with children during the school day to enhance their skills and interests.


Our enrichment provision is varied, and works well for our school community, but our needs and interests are ever-changing so, as previously stated,  we are always open to new suggestions and are keen to  make new contacts in order to support the development of our school and our community.


Enrichment Clubs offered - Spring 2020

Enrichment Clubs Offered - Autumn 2019

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St John's CE Primary School is a member of the Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust.