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Journey through the History curriculum - Progression

History at St John's

Our Intent for History 

The Purpose; getting ready for the future:  Pupils will be given the opportunity to experience a wide range of historical topics at St John’s. At the heart of this, is the rich and compelling history of Reading, allowing pupils to gain a deeper understanding of the area they live in. This will allow pupils to gain historical perspective by allowing them to understand the connections between local, regional and national history.

Developing Independence; a love of learning, meaningful relationships with subject and others: There is a focus on chronology of key historical events at St John’s. This allows pupils to gain a better understanding of the events which have led to the world we live in today. Pupils are encouraged to ask critical questions and to have an enquiring mind. By being exposed to a rich History curriculum, we aim to inspire pupil’s curiosity. This curiosity and wonder is promoted in all curriculum areas at St John’s. History is mapped across the school to ensure that skills and knowledge are built upon.

Impact; Challenge and Mastery: Pupils will be able to recall key facts about various historical events, including those local to Reading. Pupils will have a strong understanding of both short and long term time scales, and be able to map their knowledge on a timeline. Pupils will be able to understand how historical events have impacted them, and use this information to make informed decisions about their future. In EYFS, the pupils will look closely at their personal history, in order to enable them to build a strong foundation of who they are.

Promote enquiring minds and metacognition: Knowledge organisers are used on a termly basis to help highlight key information and vocabulary. Pupils are encouraged to recall information they have previously learnt in order to develop their schema. This is done through low stake quizzes, opportunities to share learning with their peers, and teacher-pupil conversations. Pupils are given opportunities to showcase their understanding which gives pupils a sense of achievement and ownership over their learning.

A context for Learning: Pupils are consistently given opportunities to embed their understanding throughout their time at St John’s. Pupils have access to quality local trips which aid children to link their learning in school to real-life experiences. Reading benefits from having a multitude of museums, which St John’s takes advantage of. The rich diverse community which makes St John’s so special is key in ensuring children gain a varied and abundant historical knowledge.

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St John's CE Primary School is a member of the Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust.