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Art and Design


Our Intent for Art and Design 

The Purpose; getting ready for the future: Pupils will develop an understanding of how art, craft and design embody some of the highest forms of creativity, through studying a range of artists, craft makers and designers from classical to contemporary. Pupils will gain the knowledge and skills to be able to critique works of influential artists, craft makers and designers and draw from these to invent and create their own.
Developing Independence; a love of learning, meaningful relationships with subject and others: Pupils will revisit key art and design skills throughout their time at St John’s. Pupils will consider how history, geography and technology have influenced the evolution of significant art, craft and design movements.
Impact; Challenge and Mastery: Pupils will be able to talk about the influences of great artists, craft makers, architects and designers throughout history. Pupils will be able to use a range of media creatively by designing and making products such as wire sculptures and recyclable artwork.
Promote enquiring minds and metacognition: In EYFS, pupils are provided with a wealth of opportunities to explore and experiment with a broad range of different media and demonstrate the Characteristics of Effective Learning in their free play. Curriculum Knowledge Organisers often include key facts, dates and vocabulary about the artists, craft makers and designers they are studying. Pupils are taught to discuss and evaluate the works of art and design by influential artists, craft makers and designers throughout history and to use the knowledge acquired to explore and develop a range of art skills using different media. Pupils test their skills and understanding by designing and creating their own piece of art. Pupils evaluate and critique their work, by referring back to the units’ learning objectives and outcomes. Units are driven by either a key question of enquiry at the beginning of a unit or a clear outcome for the end of the unit. These are discussed with pupils throughout the unit.
A context for learning : Pupils are exposed to a variety of high-quality educational experiences from EYFS through to KS2, including opportunities to handle real artwork, and artefacts created by respected and innovative craft makers or
designers. Pupils throughout the school engage in interactive lessons which provide first- hand opportunities to experiment with a wide range of artistic media. Visitors working in the field of Art and Design are invited to come to St John’s and share their knowledge and expertise with the pupils, to provide them with an insight into how art and design fits into the workplace and is an essential part of everyday life, from textile to crockery designers and craft makers.


Journey Through Our Art Curriculum - Progression

Year 5 Clay tiles

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