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At our wonderful school we are often in receipt of very positive feedback from parents and visitors alike, a selection of these comments are below. 

Parent and Carer Remote Learning Survey     February 2021

Overall it’s fine and everything is perfect. Thankyou.

These assignments have been enjoyable, especially the adventure story and the formal letter.

We really like the way the spelling test is run on a Friday.

There have been some really fun assignments which have been creative and meant time away from the screen. These include making maps out of salt dough for Geography, making posters for French, drawing Genesis for RE and drawing pictures in the style of Torres Garcia.

Ruth Miskin videos are really great.

I wish send my child to the school, but I understand that we need to carry on how it is. I want to say many thanks for the teacher’s hard work and support. Thank you, you are great.


Thank you for all your hard work and effort. Can't thank you guys enough specially to all the teachers.

Amazing work done by the year 3 teachers and we appreciate all it takes to put together home learning work.

Thank you to the teachers for doing a brilliant job! It’s very much appreciated x

My children are at school as key worker children but I have accessed developing experts in the past and have accessed the music in the past so know they are good and well-pitched. My comments are based on what I saw when the children were self-isolating and not the most recent experience and I know it is an ever changing landscape but I was happy with what was happening before and know I am happy with what they are doing in school now. Well done fabulous St John's team!

Very high standard lessons.

I really appreciate the teachers and the school’s management team for helping and supporting the students 👏 God bless you 🙏

Teachers are doings great job teaching children's online.

We just wanted to thank everyone involved for providing effective remote learning.

Thank You to all the teachers they are doing a brilliant job. Especially ……..! We appreciate it very much. It is difficult sometimes to join the meetings on time with having other little children. But I'm happy my daughter …… is learning fast. Thank you Again.

It’s good, but it’s not like being in the school environment.

We would like to thank the teachers for all the hard work they have put into the remote learning. We can see how much time it must take them but the assignments have been well thought out and kept our child's interest. Y6 teachers have remained upbeat and engaging.

Thank you all. Kind Regards and take care.

There was an improvement in the delivery of online learning. In the beginning, it was too much and it was nearly impossible for our child to complete all the assignments. I think the workload in the past couple of weeks is more manageable and creates less stress on the children and the parents that need to support them.

Responses to our 'bubble' closure provision and then our school closure (1 week)  Remote Learning offering 

Autumn Term   -   December 2020 


Thanks to all the staff at St. Johns who have enabled the remote learning to take place during the recent school closure and wishing all the school staff a very happy Christmas.  KS1 and 2 Parent


I wanted to write to you all to say how much I appreciate everything you have done to support the remote learning at home. The hard work and dedication of the teachers is really appreciated. They have given their time and energy to teaching via teams as well as troubleshooting issues for us as and when they have arrived. I know it takes a lot of background thought and planning trying to get these things working on different devices and their support for phones, paper copies, tablets and laptops has been amazing. The work has been well pitched and accessible to so many of us.  You have an amazing team Ms Parsons and I very much appreciate your calm, caring, compassionate leadership at a time like this. You have weathered the storm so well and launched digital platforms that are meeting my ….. children's learning needs very well.  Parent to children in KS1 and 2


Finally, I wanted to compliment ***** and ***** on their excellent teaching and the extreme patience they exhibit in dealing with an 'MS Team' of 30+ curious and excited.. (children)..  I have been very impressed with how well St John's has dealt with the ongoing crisis under your leadership. It must be immensely difficult and your hard work is very much recognised.  Parent of a KS2 child


I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you are all doing! It’s a total nightmare to be homeschooling and working at the same time, but I know that you are all under a huge amount of pressure and I think you’re doing a fantastic job. Well done!  KS1 and 2 Parent


Could you please thank the Y* and Y* teachers for really motivating ***** and ***** today! Parent of a KS1 and a KS2 child.


Just wanted to drop an email to highlight the enormous effort put in by ***** and ***** last week.  **** had a few days with **** and he was absolutely excellent in making sure all the children were okay.  *** reassured the children one by one - massive effort put in ...  Even with all the hiccups *** kept going very professionally - Fantastic job.  ***** also exceeded expectations.  *** had a massive class to deal with but was cool, calm and collective all the way through.  *** explained and talked through each task. For children that didn’t understand *** went over and beyond to explain. It’s a very difficult task to teach online and keep kids motivated but *** managed so well under the circumstances.  *** is clearly passionate about teaching, as it was very evident *** enjoys (the)  job.  I would be grateful if you can pass on my sincere thanks and to keep up the fantastic job!  

Parent to children in KS1 and 2

Thank A Teacher Day - 20th May 2020

(a small selection) 


Thank you to all Teachers and Office staff that have worked through Lockdown.  Parent. Yr 6 child


Thank you Miss ..... and all the teachers for taking care of .... and thank you for everything. The values you have taught means great to him. Thank you for making his foundation and self confidence grow, I am grateful to you all for everything. Parent. FS chil


Thanks to all our teachers. You guys mean a lot for our children. This lock down has made everyone realise how much our teachers do for the kids without complaint. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Parent. FS and Yr2 children. 


Thank you to all the lovely teachers and team of St Johns for your hard work and dedication.

Parent. KS1 and 2 children. 


Thank you to all the staff at St John's for the hard work and dedication you demonstrate throughout the school year; and a special thanks for the great lengths you have gone through during this lockdown period. You're all superstars. Parent. 

Feedback from Summer Questionnaire - July 2019

We carry out an annual survey for parents and pupils and the results are below:


I am extremely happy with the progress of my child. He feels very safe, well supported and always happy to come to school. Well done team St John’s. Keep up the good work.


I am particularly impressed with the school’s Christian values and my son’s progress academically, this is an observation from extra work I do with him at home. The school has not raised any concerns about his academic performance. The After School Club staff are fantastic in caring for my son.


My son has progressed immensely in this year with his reading and writing. He has grown in confidence too. I thank his teacher for all her efforts and for supporting his learning effectively.


St John’s is a lovely school. As a family, so far, we have always felt supported. Thank you!


The staff across all of the phases have always been wonderfully supportive.


St John’s provides great support. My child’s teachers are inspiring her and they are very caring. Thank you.



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