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At our wonderful school we are often in receipt of very positive feedback from parents and visitors alike, a selection of these comments are below.

Thank A Teacher Day - 20th May 2020

(a small selection) 


Thank you to all Teachers and Office staff that have worked through Lockdown.  Parent. Yr 6 child


Thank you Miss ..... and all the teachers for taking care of .... and thank you for everything. The values you have taught means great to him. Thank you for making his foundation and self confidence grow, I am grateful to you all for everything. Parent. FS chil


Thanks to all our teachers. You guys mean a lot for our children. This lock down has made everyone realise how much our teachers do for the kids without complaint. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Parent. FS and Yr2 children. 


Thank you to all the lovely teachers and team of St Johns for your hard work and dedication.

Parent. KS1 and 2 children. 


Thank you to all the staff at St John's for the hard work and dedication you demonstrate throughout the school year; and a special thanks for the great lengths you have gone through during this lockdown period. You're all superstars. Parent. 

Feedback from Summer Questionnaire 2019

We carry out an annual survey for parents and pupils and the results are below:


I am extremely happy with the progress of my child. He feels very safe, well supported and always happy to come to school. Well done team St John’s. Keep up the good work.


I am particularly impressed with the school’s Christian values and my son’s progress academically, this is an observation from extra work I do with him at home. The school has not raised any concerns about his academic performance. The After School Club staff are fantastic in caring for my son.


My son has progressed immensely in this year with his reading and writing. He has grown in confidence too. I thank his teacher for all her efforts and for supporting his learning effectively.


St John’s is a lovely school. As a family, so far, we have always felt supported. Thank you!


The staff across all of the phases have always been wonderfully supportive.


St John’s provides great support. My child’s teachers are inspiring her and they are very caring. Thank you.



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