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OUR CURRICULUM Our Vision, Curriculum Maps for year groups, Knowledge Organisers and Subject Offers

The vision for every pupil to ‘live abundantly’ has led to the implementation of a rich and engaging multicultural curriculum. (SIAMS Inspection, March 2019)


Our curriculum has recently been refined and re-planned, this was following our Ofsted Inspection in December 2018, and in light of the national directives to build a better and broader curriculum for all primary age children, and beyond.  Teachers and Leaders have carefully redesigned planning to encourage creativity and enquiry, adapting and updating each subject.  Leaders have developed 'Curriculum Offers' for each subject and these can be found below. 


Science and most foundation subjects will have some correlation, wherever possible, to establish cross curricular links, as well helping pupils develop a cohesive understanding of all subjects. Where possible we have taken into consideration our unique locality and the diversity of our school. For example Asia and Africa are given time to be studied encouraging children to embrace personal heritage and for others to appreciate similarities and differences in cultures. In KS1 children have a chance to look at their local area and what makes it important. All topics encourage questioning and enquiry and specific knowledge development and can be adapted or adjusted according to interest and need.


Each year group in our school has its own curriculum and we find many opportunities to work together to develop enrichment activities such as visits, field work and for workshops in school to support learning.

During the re development of our curriculum we have tried to incorporate six stimulating and exciting elements within each long term: a memorable experience; an innovative challenge; a book to read, something to investigate, a conversation to have and parental involvement. In this way we trust that learning opportunities are engaging and that children are encouraged to work independently, deepening their knowledge and understanding.


Subject leaders have all written a progression of skills for their subject and teachers are now ensuring that, when planning work, it is challenging and that new skills are being taught. We have developed  Knowledge Organisers for each topic across the school. We hope that they will bring added clarity regarding the knowledge and skills being taught in each year group and how knowledge builds to equip our children with what they need to become independent thinkers and learners.  Our next step is to build these for English and Mathematics, which we are excited about. 


We have been greatly encouraged by responses to our developing curriculum, particularly the comments received during our most recent SIAMs Inspection, in March 2019.  This encouraged further work and development across the curriculum areas. 


‘..The vision for every pupil to ‘live abundantly’ has led to the implementation of a rich and engaging multicultural curriculum. Pupils develop their skills through interesting and relevant lessons and an exciting range of trips and other activities…….with pupils being encouraged to ask deeper questions and to have a sense of awe and wonder in their world. (SIAMS Inspection, March 2019)


We are constantly looking to improve and refine our curriculum and as such we like to involve all stakeholders in regular review. If you would like to find out more information please contact us.


Below you will find our curriculum maps, in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic we are adjusting the content slightly to ensure our children can catch up and keep up with any skills that may have become a little rusty during the Lockdown period. Please do discuss with your class teachers should you wish to know more. 


If you require additional information on the school's curriculum, please contact the school office. 


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