Year 6 Residential Day 2

We have had another fabulous day at Oakwood Youth Challenge Centre. The children got up very early, despite some late night giggles, ready for another exciting day, filled with activities.

The morning started with a daring 'Leap of Faith', where the children had to climb a pole, stand on a small ledge with nothing to hold onto, then leap for a trapeze swing. Every single child (and staff member) had a go and many surprised themselves at how much they could do.

Next up was abseiling from the high ropes tower. Again, every child climbed to the top of the tower. For some with a fear of heights, that was a huge achievement on its own. Once at the top, the children had to stand on the very edge of the tower, ready to step backwards. They then proceeded to abseil back to the ground.

Other activities included All Terrain Boarding, crate stacking and more challenging climbs. Today the children continued to be as supportive and encouraging of one another as they had been yesterday and they were able to recognise each individual child's achievements.

As the sun set on a fun filled day, we all gathered around a campfire to enjoy a well deserved biscuit and hot chocolate.