The Gordon Brown Centre

We had an amazing time on our school trip to The Gordon Brown Centre to learn all about The Great Fire of London!

The day started with travelling on the coach to the centre and we were so excited!

Once we got there we learnt some interesting facts about The Great Fire of London before learning how to use tea bags to make the paper look old. It was great, messy fun!

After that we went to sit round a camp fire and had the chance to cook some special Damper Bread before eating it! We were really careful and most of us thought it was really yummy.

Once we had finished eating, we had the opportunity to go into the little bunny village they have and stroke and cuddle the rabbits. They were so fluffy and soft!

During the afternoon, we made our own houses in the woods using materials like wood, stones and straw. As you can see from the photos, our houses were amazing!

The day ended with us getting to watch a replica of London get set on fire. The fire started in the bakery just like during The Great Fire of London and before long the whole city was on fire! 

It was a fantastic day!