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Our Ethos, Values and Christian narrative

Our Shared Vision for All.


An aspirational and supportive church school community, working together to wonder, trust and achieve.  Striving to recognise life’s rich opportunities, while developing talented lifelong learners, through respect, empathy, hope, trust and wonder.


St John's is a multi-cultural, multi-faith, Church of England Primary School in the midst of a richly diverse community. We have a strong school ethos where 'Everyone Matters', and the unique integral placement of our church at the heart of our school allows wonderful opportunities for collective worship where we celebrate our rich cultural heritage and explore the fullness of our gifts and talents as a school family.


Allied to this are our fantastic children who are whole-heartedly committed to St John’s. They are proud of their school and of their learning and achievements they make. As such they are committed to education and want to improve their learning and to live life in abundance. They are the greatest asset and achievement of St John’s and integral to all that happens at our school.


We follow the Christian message

‘..I came that they may have life and have it abundantly..’  (John 10.10b)


Through these words we seek to value the individual, knowing that everyone in our community really does matter. We nurture strength and talent, offer support in times of need whilst always recognising the value of the life we have been given and the opportunity to live it in a full and rich way.


Our school motto,          Wonder              Trust              Achieve

  • Wonder.   Where we appreciate the natural world as a source of wonder and inspiration, and play our part in maintaining and improving the environment. Where we think about ‘big questions’. Where we dream. Where we are curious and enthusiastic. Where we have hope.
  • Trust.       Where we show respect and empathy towards others, enabling positive relationships. Where we believe. Where we trust in God. Where we trust in ourselves. Where we trust in others. Where we know and value our self-worth and the worth of others. 
  •  Achieve.   Where we develop knowledge and skills. Where we foster lasting enjoyment of learning. Where we recognise talents in all presentations. Where we know, with hard work and dedication success will come. Where we meet our potential, whatever that may look like.

Our school values and drivers,

  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • Hope
  • Trust
  • Wonder


‘..The school’s vision and core values are clearly rooted in the Christian narrative..’

(SIAMS Inspection, March 2019)


Trust Link

St John's CE Primary School is a member of the Berkshire Schools Trust.