Supporting your child

Parents often ask us how they can help support their child's learning at home.

We feel that one of the most important ways parents can help is through listening to their child read and asking them questions about the book.

Questions could be based around information retrieval/recall (What colour was the car?), prediction (What do you think will happen to character X?), feelings (How did you/would you feel when Y did that?).

You could also ask questions about the words in the book: Why did the author choose this word? Why is this part written in bold? Can you think of another word that means X?

Older children or confident readers may enjoy questions that involve a deeper level of understanding. These questions could be based around their interpretations of characters' motives (Why did Z behave in that way?) or require them to infer meaning using different references from the text (How can you tell that X, Y and Z don't enjoy their visits to W?). Again, questions could involve asking about their feelings towards a character based on their actions and speech (What do you think about X? Why? What does he say that makes you feel that way? What did she do at the end of the book that makes you think that?).

Other things that parents can do to help is to encourage children to learn their times tables and perhaps test them with ad-hoc, quick-fire questions. Perhaps at the end of a meal or before watching tv ask some maths questions (What is 6 times 5? How many 2s in 12? Tell me the number bonds to 10). You could also ask your child to help calculate costs when shopping (tins of beans cost 57p each, so how much would 3 tins cost? The bill is for £6.78, how much change will I get from £10.00?). There is also an opportunity for some maths as you sit down to eat a favourite takeaway (no pun intended) (The pizza cost £11.25 and was cut into 9 slices - how much did each slice cost?).

We have included some links here that you may also find useful to support your child's learning. Some of the online resources are free and some require setting up an account or subscription. If you know of any other websites that would help others, please let us know and we can add them to this page.

Compare4Kids - English, Maths and Science worksheets - Maths for Reception to Year 12