Since becoming part of the Berkshire Schools Trust, we are updating all of our policies. These are being reviewed at a Trust level, and updated versions can be found on the Bookshire Schools Trust's Policy page https://www.berkshireschoolstrust.org/page/?title=Policies&pid=17


Information on Admission and Nursery Policies can be found on the Admissions tab. See also Data Protection Policy tab.

The following policies are held centrally by the BST and are followed by the school:

  • Charging and Remissions
  • Early Years
  • Complaints
  • Sex and Relationships
  • Supporting Children with Medical Conditions
  • SEND and Inclusion
  • Confidentiality
  • Whilstleblowing

Some policies and documents are a Statutory requirement and are held under the 'Statutory' tab of this website http://www.stjohns.reading.sch.uk/page/?title=Statutory+Requirements&pid=298


The following policies have also been developed and are used, by the school:


  1. Aims of the Curriculum
  2. Behaviour Audit (conducted by Cranbury College)
  3. Collective Worship Agreed Jan 19
  4. Anti-bullying policy Agreed Jan 2019
  5. Positive Behaviour Policy Agreed Jan 2019
  6. Equality Act Policy
  7. Health & Safety
  8. ICT & eSafety
  9. Racial Equality & Cultural Diversity
  10. RE policy 2019 Agreed Jan 19