Physical Education (PE)

Pupils at St John’s are given a wide variety of opportunities in PE, through timetabled lessons - two one hour slots for each year group per week, extra-curricular sports clubs and organised break and lunchtime physical activities and games. We feel that well-structured competition in PE has many benefits, not only physical, but in the development of thinking, strategising, tactical awareness and evaluating performance.

It is vital that children have opportunities to acquire and develop, select and apply physical skills; create compositions of movement, evaluate and improve performance; and develop their knowledge and understanding of fitness and health.  Whilst many of these areas can be incorporated into competitive sports, other sports such as dance and gymnastics, outdoor and adventurous activities and team building, and swimming have just as high a priority as the more competitive games and athletics. 

In Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, pupils focus on acquiring and developing physical skills, applying these and evaluating and improving performance, with a burgeoning awareness of tactical play and games rules.

As children progress through the school, more opportunities are afforded in the competitive arena – games skills developed in KS1 are further expanded and rules and scoring systems become more complex.  Year 5 and 6 tend to have the most opportunity to be involved in inter-school competitive sports through participation in clubs which lead onto matches and tournaments, as well as the continuation of their own personal desire to improve in sports.

All children take part in our annual Sports Day, enabling children of all levels of sporting ability to participate and succeed in a wide range of events.