Kingfishers Year 5


                 Mrs Witkowska, Miss Rajput and Kingfishers                                         

Year 5 are busy studying Greek society, and at the same time, we are exploring famous Greek myths. We have particularly enjoyed being Greek warriors whilst reading about the Battle of Troy and the famous Trojan wooden horse. On 15th October, we were lucky enough to walk to the Ure Museum, which is based at Reading University. Please look at our Ure Museum file stored within Kingfisher's Photo Gallery to find out what we saw. It was amazing! 

Whilst the sun shines we are making the most of the good weather by exploring shadows, together with the development of our skipping skills and teamwork organisation with Scrapstore equipment.

During the week beginning 6th October, we celebrated Book Week, where we spent time investigating fabulous interactive Sacred texts. These texts are displayed on the British Museum website and are well worth a visit. Our work concentrated mainly on the Lindisfarne Gospels.