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 To contact the Chair of Governors, please write to:

Mr S Hodgson, Chair of Governors,

c/o St John's Church of England Primary School

121-147 Orts Road, Reading, RG1 3JN


via email to and marked

For the attention of Mr S Hodgson - Chair of Governors



Local Governing Body 2018-19 members


Foundation Governors

Mr S Hodgson  (Interim Chair of the Governing Body)

Mrs M. Harwood

Dr R Penny

Mr S Dilley

Rev G Collins (Interim ex-officio)

Mrs R Thake

Mr N Hooley



Headteacher (ex-officio)

Ms M Parsons (Interim Headteacher)


Parent Governors

Mr L Pullen

Mrs L Chislett


Staff Governors

Election in process


Observers offering expertise

Mrs J Kitching

Ms K Blythe

Mrs A Hefferan



Mrs M Weekes




St John’s School Governors

The Governors of St John’s come from a variety of backgrounds – some are appointed by the Church and some are elected by the staff and parents - all are equal.  The Governors' duty is to the School and to ensure that the School is doing its job properly. 

The Governors meet regularly and the Headteacher presents a detailed report of all the significant events that have taken place since the last meeting. This gives us a chance to have informed discussions and ask questions about how the School is running, and whether any changes are needed or resources allocated.  The Governors also take into account the initiatives required by the Department for Education, Reading Borough Council and the Diocese of Oxford.  It is important to note that the Governors do not decide what is taught, or how it is to be taught: teaching is a professional responsibility which must left to the Headteacher and her staff, aided and advised by educational experts.  The Governors' role is to decide on priorities within the School, and to allocate resources to ensure that the staff can do their jobs effectively.

The Governors are responsible for the way in which the School’s budget is allocated –  teachers and other staff, who are employees, and also to budget for educational supplies, buildings maintenance, ICT equipment, fuel, etc.

As well as full Governor’s meetings, we also have sub-committees to deal in more detail with specific aspects of the School’s activities – such as Finance and Admissions.

Whenever possible we ask one of the teachers to come and talk to us at our meetings, so that we can learn more about their particular areas of expertise.  Governors also visit the School whenever possible.  

If you would like to know more about our work, please get in touch.