Foundation Stage (Squirrels, Badgers, Hedgehogs)

“Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage, where our children build on their natural talents and develop learning skills in a supportive and nurturing environment where every child and family is celebrated."






Meet the Foundation Stage Team!

Nursery: Foundation Stage One (FS1)

Red Squirrels and Grey Squirrels



Class teacher: Mrs Kane

Support Staff: Mrs Shrivastava and Mrs Slark


Reception - Foundation Stage Two (FS2)

Hedgehog Class



Class teacher: Miss Leach     

Support Staff: Miss Stephenson-Lewis and Mr Johnson


Badger Class



Class teacher: Mrs Shah        

Support Staff: Miss Paonessa and Miss Speirs

Our Creative Curriculum topics are:

Autumn Term 1 – Oliver's Vegetables

Autumn Term 2 – Starry Night

Spring Term 1 – The Snowman

Spring Term 2 – All Around the World

Summer Term 1 – Fish City

Summer Term 2 – The Hay Wain


PE Days:

Hedgehog Class – Tuesdays and Thursday

Badger Class – Monday and Friday