Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundations Stage (EYFS)

The Early Years Foundation Stage is a magical time at St Johns, where young learners build on their talents in a supportive learning environment tailored to their individual interests to prepare them for the next stage in their learning journeys. All children start at different points with a wide range of experiences so we invest time planning a curriculum in conjunction with children and parents to maximise the opportunities presented in their time with us.

Phonics teaching begins in Nursery, where children learn to tune their ears into different sounds around them, and this continues into the Reception classes where they learn more about individual letter sounds and how to use them for reading and writing. We use pictures and topic work for learning stimuli such as Turner’s “The Fighting Temeraire” which led us to a topic on Pirates, and Renoir’s “Umbrellas” in which we learned about different sorts of weather around the world. Maths is taught through activities which help children to learn the use of shape and number, and to build on their early concepts of addition or measurement through games and practical tasks.

All children are allocated a ‘Key Person’ to support their transition into St John’s and, through building this close relationship, children develop their social skills and learn to manage their own behaviour in a supportive environment. Their next steps are carefully monitored, and teachers work with parents, carers, and the children themselves in planning their next stage of learning. Our youngest pupils learn the skills they need to continue to grow and learn in our environment, and it is of vital importance that all the family feel involved here.