Doves Year 5 Archive

DT Biscuit challenge! 

We have now begun our biscuit challenge where we plan to budget, design, make and sell our very own biscuits to raise money for Cancer Research. Click on the logo to find out information about this charity.


We will also complete research on our very own biscuit makers...Huntley and Palmers! Click on this biscuit tin to take you to the Huntley and Palmers website to find out some information about the company.

It's similar to the Junior Apprentice in Dove's this space to see who will be the next Lord Sugar!



Willow Art

Throughout Spring Term 1 Year 5 have had a fantastic opportunity to work with an Artist in Residence – Mrs Kingdon. The children have been taught how to use willow to create sculptures and they have been linking this to evolution.

Week 1: We began with an idea of a structure, a fish, crocodile or a bird. We made circles out of the willow, which had been soaked in a bath of water to make it malleable, and then attached other bits of willow to form the main structure.

Week 2: We used cable ties to join the willow together to form the main shape of our creature. Here we realised that our creature may not look exactly how we predicted it might and began to evolve our animals. Some went from a fish to a strange looking bird with funny wings!

Week 3: This week we began to add the skin. We did this by soaking special tissue paper with PVA glue and then sticking it carefully to the willow, ensuring that all the creases and points were covered.

Week 4/5: We finished our creatures and discussed how they had evolved over time.

Each week it was such a treat to receive such specialist teaching from Mrs Kingdon and we hope to continue to use our art skills in other areas of the curriculum.

Reading Football Club

Year 5 are also lucky enough to be receiving specialist coaching from Reading Football club along with the rest of KS2. We have been learning different football skills ranging from using different parts of the foot to control the ball to working in small groups playing attacking and defending games. Recently we have enjoyed applying our skills in small friendly games. We look forward to a chance to perhaps have a tournament as a year group.