The church and the school are physically linked and as such the church and school play a large part in the lives of each other.  Team, Key Stage, class and whole school assemblies are held in our church, in addition to plays and performances, extra-curricular and fund-raising events . 

A member of the Clergy leads the address at our traditional church services - Christmas, Harvest, Easter and Leaver's Services.  Parents are invited to attend these services which are advertised on our dates list.


The Church Refectory also offers coffee to parents after children have been dropped off in the morning.
The Church can be contacted on 0118 9263633

or email

The Church's website is



Dear Parents,

There is no better way of getting a measure of a school than by visiting and looking around it whilst it is at work. When I was initially shown around St John’s school by a pupil, I was aware of its caring, relaxed yet purposeful atmosphere.

We are very fortunate in having a very dedicated and hard-working staff, both teaching and ancillary, who make the school such a positive and happy place to be in. Our pupils, who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, are encouraged to value one another, as well as to fulfil their own potential. Over the last few years our pupils have also achieved increasing academic success within the national curriculum.

St John’s is very much a Church School in its character and identity. Not only is most of the ‘church’ part of the building available to the school during the week, but also many Church members, clergy and lay, are actively involved in school life.

On Sundays, the Church Family gathers for worship in the Church whilst children and young people’s groups meet in the school. All are welcome to join us at 10.30 a.m. There are also midweek meetings for ‘parents and toddlers’, Cubs and Scouts, and older members of the community. So it is that St John’s is a place for learning, care and prayer throughout the week.

For a long time the Church has sought to serve the community.  A school was first built at the old St John’s and St Stephen’s site in 1854 and 1865. We continue in that long tradition in a fast changing world. If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me or another member of the Church.

Yours sincerely,

Gary Collins