Badgers FS2 2014-15

Welcome Badgers one and all

We have had a super start to the Autumn Term 2014. Here are all the Badgers enjoying the sunshine in the garden.



So far this term we have been looking at the story of 'Oliver's Vegetables'. The children told us about the different vegetables they have eaten and some have even grown their own and created vegetable sculptures too.

Miss Blythe went on a vegetable hunt of her own too, and look what she found...


What a whopper! If you have grown vegetables of your own, or would like to share your own vegetable sculptures (or pictures of them) then please bring them in to share as part of our topic.


Shape Hunting


This week in Badger Class we have been hunting for shapes around the school and learning their different names as well as looking at their properties. Here is a selection of what we found...


We found a circle in the garden with one side, a rectangle for the classroom door with four sides and we could even make a triangle with our fingers as the three sides. Why don't you try shape hunting around your home and let us know what you find.


Spring Term

So far this term we have been exploring our topic of 'The Snowman'. We had been hoping for snow, but have been pleased to see the recent frosty weather instead. Many of the children made their own snowmen at home using a variety of different materials as real snow has not been so forthcoming this year!

Halfway through our topic, the class discovered that we had plenty of clothes to keep us warm in this chilly weather, but that our noses remained uncovered, so the Badgers set about planning what we could do about this, and we made our own nose warmers!


We explored lots of different materials to find the right ones. We made predictions about which would be the warmest and then once we had made our nose warmers, we tried them in the garden and then amended them if we needed to.

What a weird and wonderful selection we had. Why not try making your own at home?



Term 4

This term the Badgers have been exploring the topic of 'Around the World'. We have explored 'Google Earth', maps and globes to find out where we are in the world, where we've been and where we'd like to go.

As part of the topic, Badger Class have been cooking recipes from different parts of the world. We have added our 'Cous Cous' recipe to our school cookery book, so look out for that coming soon. In the meantime, here is a snap shot of the recipe itself.


You will need cous cous, chickpeas, vegetable stock, chillies, tomatoes and coriander.


You will need to cook the cous cous in the stock, chop the tomatoes, the chillies and the coriander, mix all the ingredients together and add the oil to moisten the mixture.

Look out for our recipe book for the final quantities and measurements.



Badgers at Bucklebury

In June, Badger class took a trip to Bucklebury Farm Park. Here are some of our highlights.

We had a fantastic time exploring the farm:


We really enjoyed feeding the animals and stroking their pets:


We even had time to explore their playground area:


But our favourite activity of all was our trailer ride out to the paddock to see their beautiful deer - what a greedy bunch!


Goodbye Badgers

As we come to the end of a fantastic year in Badger Class I would like to say a big thank you to all of the children, their parents and their families. We have had a super year and the children have learned such a lot. I am so proud to see them ready to move into Year One and I cannot wait to return next year to see how they've progressed.

Have a lovely summer everyone and congratulations on a wonderful year.