Beale Park

For our school trip, we went to Beale Park. Miss Brown let each group take an iPad to capture our day so all these photos have been taken by the children of Dragon class.

First we got on the coach and set off for Beale park, we were all very excited! As soon as we got to the park we split off into classes and we got to go on the train. It was an exciting train ride and we got to see all of the park and a range of animals.

After our train ride we had the chance to go and look at the Meerkats, Prairie dogs and Rheas. They were all very cute! As we were walking along, we also bumped into a family of geese out for a walk and lots of beautiful peacocks.

Next we went to the Chinese gardens and saw a variety of lovely plants including hundreds of lily pads. After wandering around the beautiful gardens, we were meant to visit the boat museum. Unfortunately, the museum was closed but we were able to see a few boats through the windows including a replica of the Titanic. There were also lots of interesting sculptures and statues in the courtyard in front to look at.

Then it was time to go and have some lunch. We had a lovely time eating out sandwiches but had to be careful because some cheeky peacocks seemed to really like cheese sandwiches and tried to eat them!

After lunch we got to spend some time of the Pirate playground which was super fun!

Next we got to go and see a variety of animals including birds, guinea pigs and reptiles. The birds were very unusual and we even saw lots of eggs that were waiting to hatch!

It was finally time to get on the coach and come home. We had such a lovely day and some of us were so tired we had a nap on the drive home.